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Copper -  Out of Lady and Ryder, a 9 year old, confident, beautiful dappled buckskin mare. Very fine horse. Great on the trail. A wonderful find and a perfect example of the breed. Granddaughter of Moon. Tripple Registered and Certified in RMHA, KMSHA, KNGHAMare (8 years old)

G-Man -  Brown and white paint, 15 hands, 18 years young. We are just getting to know G-Man. He came to us after some hard knocks in life and we are hoping we can help him achieve the life he is meant to have. He is a gentle spirit and the easiest, smoothest gaiting horse we have ever worked with. He has been a show horse and a lesson horse and in the arena is one of the easiest, safest horses around. However, the damage his past has done to his trust has made him a little unsure on the trail. If we can bring out his confidence and help him trust people again, he will be worth a great deal to a lucky rider. Certified in SMHA, KNGHA, .

Price To Be Determined

fully trained riding gelding

At Wild Mountain Farms, we raise and sell top quality, gaited, Rocky Mountain horses. We also raise Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses, Mountain Pleasure Horses and Kentucky Natural Gaited Horses. We are located in the mountains of Western Montana, just west of Missoula. Come visit us and meet our wonderful four-legged family!



Sky -Red Chocolate. 15.2 hands, 14 years old.  One of our most valuable Rocky Mountain Horses. We had hoped to hold onto this one but are reluctantly letting her go. A very experienced trail horse. Unbeatable brood-mare who consistently produces exceptional conformation in her babies.    Daughter of Storm Warning.  Quadruple Registered and Certified in RMHA, KMSHA, KNGHA, MPHAMare.


Ryder - Jet Black, 15.3 hands. 16 years old. The heart of our ranch for ten years, we finally decided it was time for him to retire as a stallion and be gelded. He has settled out into a gentle, very mellow gelding who is great on the trails. He is an easy, extremely well trained riding horse. He gets along great with all mares but is only tolerably ok with other geldings.  He is easy to handle but excels with a rider who is comfortable enough with riding to gain his respect. An absolutely majestic, loving trail partner for the rest of your life. Strongly gaited. We’re cutting down his price so that he can find the right home for his retirement. This horse is a real find!




Sahara - Dappled Gray, 14.3 hands, 10 years old. Here’s an exciting find! Sahara was our first Arab/Rocky cross. She has spent the last five years riding the wilds of Washington State and is a very well trained, experienced horse. She is obedient enough for a beginner and great for young kids, but has lots of power and desire as well, and would make an amazing, gaited, endurance riding horse. She has the stamina of an Arab and the gait of a Rocky. She is smart, eager to explore the world and loves to go.  She is also stunningly beautiful Registered in KMSHA, KNGHA, Half-Arab Registry.  Mare.


fully trained, experienced riding horse

better picture coming soon

Destiny - Jet Black. 15.3 hands. Ten years old. Experienced, well trained trail horse and broodmare. Tall and thin with a gait that just sails down the trail. Loves to go, loves to explore, climb and adventure.  One of the finest horses we have ever owned. Quadruple Registered and Certified in RMHA, KMSHA, KNGHA, MPHAMare.


fully trained riding mare and valuable broodmare prospect


Gem -  Dark bay, 15 hands, 9 years old. Out of Lady and Stoney, a beautiful bay mare, dripping with mane and tail. Kind and loving. Great with kids and as a beginner's lesson horse. Doesn’t do extensive riding, however, as she has some conformational issues which we think may be a problem if she is ridden extensively. Tripple Registered and Certified in RMHA, KMSHA, KNGHAMare (9 years old)


extremely well trained and experienced gelding

fully trained, experienced riding horse

fully trained, experienced riding horse

Lady -  Beautiful dun, 15 hands, 18 years. Lady is my horse and the bond we share is wonderful and unique. She will do anything for me - walk, run, gait, climb, explore the world with other horses or just the two of us. She is only for sale to someone she shows the potential to bond with as strongly as she has to me. If she does not choose you, then she will remain mine for the rest of her life. However, because I have so many horses that need my attention, if Lady ever shows an inclination to choose someone else as she has chosen me, I would give her up.. Accomplished broodmare. Moon daughter. Tripple Registered and Certified in RMHA, KMSHA, KNGHAMare (8 years old)


fully trained, experienced riding horse

fully trained riding mare with some potential feet issues

Flicka - dark, dappled palomino, 15.1 hands, 13 years old. Flicka is a great horse, strong and capable with extensive training and experience on the trail. She is beautiful, confident and a born leader. Experienced broodmare out of a Moon daughter. Mare